Furniture and accessories

Ethnic lounges, tables, chairs ect.

Furniture and accessories
Ethnic lounges, tables, chairs and stools made from a variety of natural materials

Living rooms, rattan tables, ethnic chairs, bamboo chairs, windbreaks made of bamboo slats, terrace covers, rattan sofas, rattan armchairs, ethnic stools made of the most varied natural materials from all over the world.
Accessories to embellish garden furniture and interior design: from shell chandeliers to eucalyptus or bamboo fences, to African cane street lamps.
African cane street lamps.

Bamboo lounges – synthetic rattan – natural rattan – woven grasses
Raised stools and tables
Waste bins
Bamboo poles
Cladding panels made of woven grasses – bamboo slats – makuti leaves – natural fibers – synthetic material
Bamboo fences
Eucalyptus poles
Eucalyptus fences


Atmospheric atmosphere | contemporary style | exotic taste
We design and create your spaces with what Nature creates.
Gio' Stemar: specialists in outdoor roofing with exotic materials from around the world combined with high-tech products.


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